NON Malignant Thyroid Nodules – Might not need a thyroidectomy!!

I got the following email sent to me the other day. It is VERY interesting for those that are doing searches on thyroid nodules. Please always consult with a doctor, but know the options!

If anyone is looking for a less invasive treatment for thyroid nodules instead of a thyroidectomy, I can share an excellent alternative.

I had a thyroid nodule that put pressure on my trachea, causing coughing, difficulty swallowing and pain. My first endocrinologist immediately recommended thyroid removal surgery, despite blood tests showing levels normal, and ultrasound confirming the nodule was benign. I didn’t get it – if the thyroid worked well, why remove the whole gland, why not just remove the nodule? I searched for non-surgical treatments, learned that a more targeted approach, Radiofrequency Ablation (RF), could reduce my thyroid nodule. RF is a well known non-surgical alternative for thyroid nodules in Asia and Europe, but not in the US. In Southern California, UCLA Gonda Diabetes Center seemed to have the most advanced & experienced endocrinology team, so I was hopeful I could reduce the nodule vs cutting out my thyroid.

I was pleased with my second opinion at UCLA, specifically Dr. David Geffner (Endocrinology), and Dr David K Lu (Radiology). They were respectful of my search for an alternative, patient & informative, and the option they recommended was the right, conservative next step for me. Pain was minimal, results were immediate – no sign of a nodule now – and my thyroid is still there!

Perfect for me as I never understood why thyroid removal would be a first step in my case, as my previous endocrinologist had recommended. I’ve been very impressed with my care under my new endocrinologist Dr. David Geffner, and pleased with his referral to Dr. David K Lu in Radiology for my targeted nodule treatment. I had the highest quality care, most advanced expertise and skill, a sophisticated imaging facility at Ronald Reagan Hospital, with excellent assistance & participation of other physicians and technicians under Dr Lu’s direction (UCLA is a teaching hospital).
When I was searching for alternatives, reading blog posts led me to RF and UCLA, so I hope my experience may help someone.


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  1. Karin Maya

    I will be seeing Dr Geffner next week due to this wonderful woman’s comment that I read last year. It’s taken me a whole year to work it out but I am coming from Wa state and I will be pursuing the same treatment. So far all the preliminary work up has been great and the staff at the clinic is top notch. I will post again after my treatment is complete

  2. arslan

    searching for alternative treatment.karin maya please do post your experiance.and tell me about the cost and other things inthe way

  3. Im searching for treatment to shrink my tyroid nodules and come across RF . Those who have gone through this treatment can you please share with us. Thank you in advance

  4. mechi

    The opinion of your first doctor may have been because the nodule can always come back. I don’t mean to sound doom, but sometimes they prefer a more severe treatment to avoid a second treatment. Wish you all the best.

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