About Me

  • I have two black cats, one is smart, the other is dumb, both are cute.

    Invisible Thyroid

    All gussied up, and tolerating something around my neck.

  • I had papillary thyroid cancer which resulted in a complete thyroidectomy in October 2011.
  • After blogging about it on ThrownChain.com, my cycling blog, a lot of people reached out to me stating they were happy to hear about a positive side of life without a thyroid.
  • With thyroid cancer on the rise, I decided we needed a place on the internet to let people know you can live a fun and fulfilling life without a thyroid!
  • I won’t sugar coat it – there are definitely trials and issues that you need to be more careful about, but once you know how to navigate it, yer gold!
  • I have successfully lost weight post-thyroidectomy by following a low carb diet and have a site dedicated to that eating life style. If you are having difficulty losing weight after having a thyroid, and your hormone levels are good, please check out my site at LowCarbKitty.com for more information.
  • If you want to read my story, click here and start at the bottom to read oldest to newest, as I blogged when I found out I had cancer to a 2 year follow up.
  • Thank you for visiting!!! Love, Sparky

If you wish to contact me, hit me up at lifewithoutathyroid AT gmail dott com