Total Thyroidectomy and Doing Great

My name is Anel; I am a female currently 25 years old.
About two months ago, sometime in August 2017, I went for a regular check up to the doctor and the doctor noticed I had enlarged thyroid glands.
Therefore, I was sent for blood work and a neck ultrasound. My blood work came out normal – the thyroid levels were what they are suppose to be but my ultrasound revealed that I had 4 nodules, two on each thyroid gland.

I was sent to a specialist for a biopsy and turns out I had papillary thyroid cancer. The biopsy came out inconclusive on two of the nodules they tested; only one nodule came out positive for cancer so they couldn’t tell me what stage cancer it was.

I was told I would have to have a complete thyroidectomy. After staying up so many nights watching videos and reading stories about the terrible symptoms people get after surgery, I was super nervous. I read that you gain weight even if you eat right and exercise, have a foggy brain, feel tired, lose hair and loss of energy.

I had surgery to remove my thyroid on September 19; it is now September 29 so I am 10 days post op and I feel GREAT!

I had surgery at 11 am and woke up at 7:30 pm from the anesthesia. I felt good after the surgery, a few hours later I just had a really sore throat from the tube they stick down to breathe. I spent one night at the hospital to make sure my calcium levels were okay. From the day of the surgery till today I have not had to take any pain medication, my neck was just really stiff and tense nothing major.

I was given 135 mcg Levothyroxine to take the very next day and now for the rest of my life. I wanted to let anyone who is reading this know that it is not always negative – it can be a positive outcome.

I have not felt any different since my surgery, I started going to the gym just 3 days later, I have been taking it lightly as to not lifting any weights over 10lbs per doctor’s order. I have changed my diet as well; I am following a gluten free diet and I know I can easily make this a lifestyle change and I have felt a difference in my body – I feel healthier in general. I will be doing the radioactive iodine in about a month and will be getting my thyroid levels tested in 2 weeks in case I need any adjustments.

But so far so good no complaints 🙂


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  1. Samar Rebeiz Isaksen

    Thank you for this post. I have a date scheduled to remove my thyroid, and like you, I’ve been reading awful/scary things online. It’s nice to read some positive feedback for a change. Crossing my fingers that my experience will be as your.

  2. Roxann

    Anel, Thank you so much for sharing your positive experience. It was very uplifting for me to read. I am scheduled for a thyroidectomy in 28 days and have been very nervous and concerned since I was told that I should consider total removal. I too have spent many hours reading stories of people who have not had a positive experience since their surgery. Thank you again for sharing your story, it gives me hope. I hope that you continue to do well. Take Care!

  3. Kristen

    Is this for real? Are you a real, true human? Because I have a very similar PTC diagnosis just last week and am having a similar pre surgery experience as you. Reading the horrific posts from ppl who are absolutely miserable. It’s making me so depressed already. I needed to read your story. Thank you. I hope you continue to feel healthy and happy forever and ever.

  4. Rhi

    Oh girl, you’re two weeks in. Give yourself two years and you won’t be feeling so hot

    • Yeah – I hear a lot from people who are just one or two weeks in. We all feel fine 1- 3 weeks in. THEN it hits, like a ton of bricks!
      But if you are still unwell two years later, fire your doctor and find one that will work with you.

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